Volkswagen TDI Settlement

FEBRUARY UPDATE: Buyback appointments in full swing

Volkswagen TDI buyback appointments are in full swing at Herzog-Meier VW. Remember that you must first register your claim via the online portal, then upload the required documentation before an appointment will be extended to you.  Make sure to complete these two items immediately so you can obtain the earliest possible appointment date.

Choose Herzog-Meier Volkswagen

This TDI settlement has now been approved and the claims process (buybacks, lease terminations, cash payments, etc...) will begin immediately. Herzog-Meier Volkswagen has been selected as an authorized dealer to help affected Volkswagen owners and lessees with the TDI Settlement Program. We've been around since 1957, and we are thoroughly committed to doing all we can to take care of you and make things right.

Your Options

Volkswagen will buy back your vehicle at September 15, 2015, value (with mileage and condition considerations) or allow you to terminate your lease with no early termination fee. If you want to keep your vehicle, we will provide approved emissions modifications. You will also receive a cash payment from Volkswagen, regardless of the option you select.

Proper Steps To Follow

  1. Visit and use the Online Claims Portal to submit your claim. (do this immediately if you have not already)
  2. Complete the entire claim submission process, including the upload of documents (registration and driver's license). ** Make sure you select Herzog-Meier as your preferred dealership **
  3. Volkswagen of America (not Herzog-Meier) will contact you to schedule your appointment regarding buyback, lease termination and cash payment.  This must be done through Volkswagen of America (not a dealer) because of the legal requirements involved in this settlement. 
  4. If you intend to buy or lease a replacement vehicle, contact Herzog-Meier immediately. This settlement involves thousands of local TDI owners, and most will choose to upgrade to a new vehicle, so inventory will sell fast and selection will be limited for those who don't move quickly.

Important Links

You can look up your vehicle for eligibility and find more information at Remember to select Herzog-Meier VW as your preferred dealership.

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